Newcomers on the cafe scene

Source: Kadi-Liis Koppel, Kehrwieder

News on cafe scene in Tallinn:

It is always great when a city's face is changed by new little businesses opening here and there, especially when they have nice coffee aromas around them! Here is a small list of fresh restaurants and cafes that have opened in 2022 onwards and await customers with open arms:

Taberna - portuguese style eatery in Tallinn old town
Vegan cafe in old town, TRIP
French style family cafe, My Little France
Modern Estonian gastronomy, restaurant Farm, old town
Belgian waffle and beer spot in old town
In Kalamaja district a new smoothie-specialised little place Ökut
alamaja newer areas by the sea welcomes tow restaurants:
Kogu resto and bakery and Oda - both have lovely views to the ferries entering the Tallinn harbour over the bay