225 - Mehikoorma bicycle route

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Mehikoorma (0 km) – Parapalu (12.4 km) – Ahunapalu (20.2 km) – Järvselja (31 km) – Sikakurmu – Aravu (40.2 km) – Mehikoorma (46.2 km)

This route takes travellers to the ancient forests of Järvselja. Half of the route runs along forest roads and along trails where wildlife can often be spotted. The other half of the circle from Sikakurmu - Mehikoorma - Parapalu runs on small paved roads. You will see both Lake Lämmijärv and Estonia's state border with Russia.

The hiking area is quite far from the main roads (and railways), so it is best to go there by car. Start from Järvselja or Mehikoorma.

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