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Abruka Nature Trails

The small island of Abruka, in the Gulf of Riga, is a forested beauty with wooded meadows and alvar environments rich with a diversity of species. The Abruka Nature trails begin at Abruka Harbour, and takes a hiker through parts of the Abruka Nature Conservation Area.

The lengths of the trails vary, a 5 km Abruka Harbour–Pitkanina trail, a 4 km  Abruka Harbour–Vahase hike and the 3 km Small Abruka Circle; are all available to explore, and once you're finished; you can build a fire and put up your tent on one of the farmsteads open to visitors on the island.

At the northern end of Abruka Island, there is a peculiarly chiming magic rock. The person who is able to find the rock and knocks on it will be granted a wish.


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Abruka küla , Saaremaa vald, Saare maakond