Allika hiking trail on Vormsi

Allika hiking trail on Vormsi

Suuremõisa küla, Vormsi vald, Lääne maakond

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A 2 km hiking trail is situated in the relatively moist and waterlogged area on the Vormsi landscape protection area. The most notable sites on the trail include the Suur Allikas (Big Spring) and Raviallikas (Curing Spring) and an enjoyable view to Lake Prästviigi. You will find signs and information boards throughout the trail. The trail is partly a dirt road; moist areas have boardwalks and bridges. In the wet seasons, the trail is muddy and difficult to pass. Rubber boots are the most suitable footware for passing the trail. The trail has a timber watchtower that is 2.5 m high.

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24 hours

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Getting there

You have two options for reaching the trail. First, go to Hullo from the port of Sviby where you will reach a crossroad after passing through the village; then turn to the left, towards the church of Vormsi. Go pass the church and turn left after 500 meters (sign "Suurallikas 1,2"). A gravel road will take you to the marked starting point of the trail. The second option is to go to the crossroad of Hullo from the port of Sviby and from there onwards towards Suuremõisa. Turn to the gravel road on your right after passing the village of Suuremõisa (sign "Suurallikas 1,6") where you will reach the marked starting point of the trail along the gravel road.


  • Signposted
  • On foot only


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