Altmõisa Café

Altmõisa Café

Altmõisa talu-ALTMÕISA, Tuuru küla, Haapsalu


Enjoy lunch or dinner in the warm-toned festive dining room for 30 people. For larger events, the party table will be covered in a large hall with a view of the meadow, the sea, and the forest. There is room for up to 60 guests.
For a romantic dinner, the table is set in the suite or in the cosy corner of the fireplace hall. You can also ask for a picnic basket for an outing.
In warm weather, a summer café is open, offering local delicacies. In winter, please call in advance.
In the open modern kitchen, you can watch how your food is prepared.

Times and prices

Is open advance bookings only


Is open advance bookings only

Features and amenities
  • Pets allowed

  • WIFI

Getting there

Altmõisa is a 15-minute drive from Haapsalu. When driving out of Haapsalu towards Lihula maantee, drive for about 10 km until you pass the village of Parila, after which the sign to the right points towards Altmõisa Külalistemaja. Turn right, drive another 8 km, and you will see our beautiful house with a thatched roof on your left.

  • Signposted
  • Sealed access road
  • By excursion bus
  • By public transport
  • By car
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Slow but Worth the Wait

In the depths of the countryside near Haapsalu, we stopped for lunch on midsummer's day. My son lives locally so we knew there was no menu as such, and they did not always do food. When we arrived...

Tatjana S

Tatjana S


Уже второй раз мы посещаем это кафе в гостевом доме. Едим на террасе- у них всегда что то есть вкусное. Меню нет. Надо зайти и спросить. Этот раз было вкусное мясо, домашнее мороженое и отличный кофе.

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