Ankur restaurant and bar

The Ankur restaurant and bar is situated in the centre of Mustvee and can seat up to 100. Group catering is available on request.

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  • Leftover from the 90nties.. but food ok

    This place looks like leftover from 20 years ago. But its clean, quick, and serves basic food which is suitable for kids. Nice collection of mini bottles on the wall, too.

  • Good place

    If you're hungry - this is a place for you. Meat was a little bit chewy, but the rest was good. Thanks!

  • Отзыв

    Питание в ресторане очень поменялось в худшую сторону.Принесли курицу и рыбу как подошву,харчё с тушёнкой было не выносимо есть, всё зажаренное и с волосами.Раньше было очень вкусно,а сейчас противно...

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