Anonüümne igatsus

A tragic gospel about Estonia
A one-time event

On 26 November at 20.00, the tragic gospel about Estonia titled “Anonymous Longing” will be performed as a one-time event at the Alexela Concert Hall. The performance includes comments posted in the Delfi news portal over the past 20 years, together with music created especially for this spectacular evening. The highlights and low points, losses and brief moments of joy, longing and sadness will sound at the event with important keywords from Estonia’s recent history – Veerpalu! The Bronze Night! Air traffic! Another Estonian! Lennart Meri! Brothers Voitkas! What a joy it is to live in your homeland! The number of Estonians in the world is like a drop of piss in the ocean! Estonia – you are still alive! 

“We were mostly intrigued by the original material, that is the comments in the Delfi news portal, in all their raw sincerity and pain,” said Marti Tärn who is one of the authors of the music. “The scale of extremity of emotions is at the same time exciting and alarming. Extreme anger and ecstatic joy!” Erki Pärnoja adds: “I would also like to say that for us, this is the first time to arrange music for a text of such magnitude in volume, which is a great challenge. We are eagerly waiting for the comments in the Delfi portal when this news comes out.”


The performers include Anu Lamp, Sergo Vares and the youth choir Vox Populi (conductor Janne Fridolin), music is arranged by Erki Pärnoja and Marti Tärn who will also perform the music at the event. Director Eva Koldits, sound Marko Erlach, lighting Meelis Lusmägi, comments are composed by Eero Epner.

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Kesklinna linnaosa, Alexela Kontserdimaja, Tallinn

Anonüümne igatsus

26.11.2019, 20:00 - 22:00

Price from: 34.9 €
Max price: 39.9 €
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