Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on 4 November, 2016
Short ballets by Kenneth MacMillan and James Kudelka

First time in Estonia!

4. and 6.11.2016 K. MacMillan „Song on the Earth“, J. Kudelka „The Four Seasons“
12.11, 24.11.2016, 8.02, 18.02, 13.04.2017 T. Edur "Silent Monologues", J. Kudelka „The Four Seasons“

Song of the Earth
Choreographer: Kenneth MacMillan
Music: Gustav Mahler’s Symphony “Das Lied von der Erde”, arranged by Glen Cortese
Staging: Grant Joseph Coyle
Designer: Nikolas Georgiadis
Realisation of the ideas of the Designer: Lady Deborah MacMillan
World Premiere on 7 November, 1965 at the Stuttgart Ballet

Accompanied by the Estonian National Opera Orchestra.

MacMillan had long been hoping to choreograph a work to Mahler’s symphonic song cycle, but the Royal Opera House board had rejected his proposal. MacMillan offered his idea to the Stuttgart Ballet instead. He got the chance to create “The Song of the Earth” in 1965. MacMillan described the theme of his ballet succinctly: “A man and a woman; death takes the man; they both return to her and at the end of the ballet, we find that in death there is the promise of renewal.”

MacMillan’s choreography for the “Song of the Earth” was different from anything he had devised before. It was his long-considered response to Mahler’s music and images in the translated Chinese poetry. He introduced orientalisms amid the balletic pointework. After dazzling reviews, The Royal Ballet decided to perform it in 1966.

Kenneth MacMillan (1929–92) was one of the leading choreographers of the 20th century. He was the Director of The Royal Ballet in 1970–77 and Principal Choreographer 1977–92. His ballets are distinguished by their penetrating psychological insight and expressive use of classical language. These qualities are demonstrated in his many works for the company, which include “Romeo and Juliet”, “Gloria”, “Manon” (premiered at the Estonian National Ballet in 2011), “Mayerling” and “Requiem”.

The Four Seasons
Choreographer: James Kudelka
Music: Antonio Vivaldi “The Four Seasons”
Designer: Denis Lavoie
Lighting Designer: David Finn
World Premiere on 12 February, 1997 at the Toronto Hummingbird Centre

Music from CD.

James Kudelka’s “The Four Seasons” is a rich interpretation of the journey of life. Vivaldi’s four varied violin concerti are an expressive metaphor for the cycle of life, from the youthful innocence of spring, the passion of summer and the calmness of autumn to the chilling death of winter. Experience a stunning story of life and living it to the fullest.

James Kudelka’s innovation and mastery of both classical ballet and modern, contemporary dance has earned him world-wide fame. Kudelka’s work covers an impressive range, from virtuoso pas de deux to large-scale and always striking adaptations of such classics as “Swan Lake”, “The Nutcracker” and “Cinderella”. After nine distinguished years as Artistic Director of The National Ballet of Canada (1996–2005), James Kudelka continues to undertake collaborative projects that engage and challenge him as a choreographer.

Silent Monologues
Choreography: Thomas Edur
Music: Heino Eller, Artur Kapp, Artur Lemba, Eduard Oja, Arvo Pärt, Peeter Süda
Designer: Thomas Edur
World premiere on 30 June, 2009 at the London St. Paul Cathedral
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera 12 November, 2016

Music from CD.

A one-act piece for three couples speaks of the silence of the inner loneliness, the ups and downs, self-exploration, shared happiness and sadness of human relationships. We hope that we are understood, but there is always something that cannot be reached in another human being and not everything can be put into words…

“Silent Monologues” first reached its audiences in 2009 at the City of London Festival that explored the 60° North theme, linking cities on that line of latitude: Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, St. Petersburg, Kirkwall and London.

Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on 4 November, 2016
Short ballets by Kenneth MacMillan and James Kudelka

First time in Estonia!

4. and 6.11.2016 K. MacMillan „Song on the Earth“,
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Balletiõhtu. T. Eduri ''Vaikivad monoloogid'', J. Kudelka ''Aastaajad''

13.04.2017, 19:00 - 23:59

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