North Estonia

Bicycle hikes at Linnumäe Nature Farm

If you want to go on the hike on your own, you can ask for maps from Ohepalu. If you wish to prepare for your trip more thoroughly, you can decide on the route beforehand and even order signposts to be installed on the crossroads.

On the route, you can see faraway forgotten and abandoned villages, known and unknown manors, and the eskers and small lakes of Kõrvemaa, which are all inaccessible by car.

If you wish, our guide can come with you on the hike. After a day in the nature, we offer you a relaxing sauna.

Good to know: Linnumäe Nature Farm is a cotter's hut located on the edge of the Ohepalu bog. Eight generations have lived there and there is still no electricity. The hut is the starting point of the hikes and a perfect location for a sauna.


North Estonia

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Linnumäe, Ohepalu küla, Kadrina vald, Lääne-Viru maakond