Birdwatching towers in Paljassaare Special Conservation Area


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Paljassaare Special Conservation Area is a special protection area of pan-European importance; 227 bird species have been registered here, 82 of which are under protection in Estonia.

This area draws birds with its excellent resting and feeding opportunities, provided by its varied landscape and its location on the birds' migratory route.
Both the Reedbed Tower and the White Tower offer a magnificent view of the reedbed, meadows, shrubs, and sea. With binoculars, you can see seagulls, various ducks, oystercatchers, and even western marsh harriers. 

You cannot camp or make a fire in the area. The neighbouring Pikakari Beach is popular among people coming from Tallinn.

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Cars are not allowed on the peninsula. When coming from the centre of Tallinn, you can come here by bus, car, or bike. Paljassaar is perfect for cycling and there is a cycle and pedestrian track that takes you to Pikakari Beach. The car park is near the Katariina pier.

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