Blue Springs of Saula, sacrifical springs

Blue Springs of Saula, sacrifical springs

METSATUKA, Saula küla, Kose vald, Harju maakond

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In Estonia, springs have always been considered holy and most were thought to have healing powers.

Blue Springs of Saula include three large springs with a water flow of 20–30 m per second. The variation in colour of the springs (Siniallikas is greenish-blue, Mustallikas is brownish-black and Valgeallikas is greyish blue) is caused by light reflecting through the clear waters on the sand particles that float on the bottom of the springs.

The folk stories say that the water of the springs heals all ailments if you sacrifice silver jewellery, money or beads.
If you do not offer a sacrifice, a Harju County sprite called Blue Springs Tölp might just come and get you!

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Blue Springs of Saula are located 1 km from the bus stop. Follow the signs that lead to the hiking trail. Those arriving by car can leave the car in the car park and walk to the springs.

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Bus: Saula
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