South Estonia

Boat rental in Räpina

Amazing views of historic buildings and the diverse manor park can be enjoyed while rowing on the still waters of the Räpina reservoir. Fishermen have always found the the Räpina reservoir and the Võhandu River exciting. Here you can mainly catch pike and perch.
We have row boats for four people, pedal boats, and SUP boards for rent on the lake. The row boats are equipped with an electrical motor or a petrol engine in case the rowers should wish to save their strength when rowing upstream the River Võhandu. Life jackets are provided.

Row boat and pedal boat 5€ / h.
SUP board 10€ / h.
Boat with an electrical motor 15€ / h.

Prices for extended rental periods are negotiable.


South Estonia

Opening times

1. may - 1. oct

Advanced booking only


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