West Estonia

Bogshoeing in Rääma bog by Seikle Vabaks

You don't always have to drive dozens of kilometres to enjoy hiking in a bog. You can do that right outside a big city!

Rääma bog is the perfect place for an active vacation; here, you can bogshoe and learn more about nature! The bog that is almost as big as Pärnu is a home to many bird and wild animal species. Come, bring your camera and a friend and discover the beautiful landscape of Rääma bog!

The hike includes:

  • Services of a guide
  • Prepared route
  • Light meal outdoors
  • Bogshoes
  • An unforgettable adventure!

Price is valid for a group consisting of at least 6 people. For groups of less than 6, price is agreed separately.


West Estonia

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Hirvenurga, Sauga alevik, Tori vald, Pärnu maakond