Church of St Catherine in Võru

Church of St Catherine in Võru

Lembitu tänav 1a, Võru

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Construction of the Church of St Catherine in Võru commenced in 1793 during the reign of Empress Catherine II. It is thought to have been designed by the Livonian architect Schons, while the man responsible for the building of the church was Võru's own Johann Karl Otto. The church was surrounded with a formidable fence. It is famous for its cross-shaped floor plan, substantial bell tower, high dome-like secondary tower and arched windows. Designed in classicist style, it was completed in 1804 in honour of St Catherine. The grounds around the church were restored in 2008 and are now home to an open air exhibition of religious text-themed illustrations by artist Marje Ernits.

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Erling G

Erling G

Gul vacker kyrka i centrala staden.

Kyrkan byggdes i slutet av 1700-talet med guldrubel skänkta av Tsarrinnan Elisabeta II. Området runt kyrkan har stora ytor och det tar tid att vandra runt hela staketet ! Kyrkan är Estnisk Apostolisk...

Elena K

Elena K

Образец классицизма

Красивая и нарядная церковь с желтыми стенами и зеленой крышей. Говорят, что стала образцом для ряда других церквей в Эстонии. Расположена в центре, прекрасно смотрится рядом со старыми небольшими...




Строительство церкив было завершено в 1804. Названы в честь Святой Екатерины Великомученницы. Построена по проекту архитектора Шонса.

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