Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza

Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza is a fast casual style family restaurant. The menu consists entirely of Italian dishes.

You can enjoy a wide selection of pastas, pizzas, salads, soups, appetizers and real hand-made Italian ice-cream.

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  • Simple

    Da Vinci Pasta & Pizza Riia maantee 170, Pärnu/Estonia Location good. The service is also quite pleasant. Coffee is mostly good. Prices average. The quality of food is almost different every time...

  • Not something special

    Quite ok place. Services was super. Coffee latte was also great this time. Pizza wasnt good 3/10. The bottom of the pizza was very liquid. And knife. Please not butter knife. We need to cut the...

  • Good food and service

    The food and service is very good in every Da Vinci resto. It is the easiest choices if you want good italian food quite quickly.

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