North Estonia

Day tour from Tallinn to Kõrvemaa by train

Would you like to spend the day out of the city, hike in the nature and get to know local life?

We'll explore Kõrvemaa nature while hiking and learn about manor culture in the Anija Manor. In addition we can enjoy Northern Estonian dishes in the Anija Manor Cafe.
The type of hiking will be agreed upon in advance and the choices include a bog-shoe hike in the bog, skiing in winter with a personal training session, exploring forest trails with kick sledges or skating with hiking skates on bog lakes.

The price includes transfer from Aegviidu railway station with a guide, hiking with a guide and necessary equipment and a ticket to the Anija Manor. The price does not include catering in the Anija Manor Cafe.


North Estonia

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Advanced booking only


Aegviidu alev, Anija vald, Harju maakond