Enter Estonia - the Digital Nomad Wonderland.

Source: Karl Ander Adami

Source: Karl Ander Adami

Enter Estonia - the Digital Nomad Wonderland.​ It's about time.

Effortlessly accessible and compact, you can take your business anywhere in Estonia and still have all the time in the world. Whether it's enjoying Tallinn’s busy startup scene, walking in pristine Nordic nature, connecting with the lively digital nomad community, or simply getting a restful night’s sleep. Even with 24 short hours, everything’s possible in Estonia.

As the world’s most digitised country, Estonia continues to pave the way for digital nomads. Estonia was the first to launch an e-Residency programme for global entrepreneurs. It was also the first country to create a Digital Nomad Visa enabling foreign nationals to work in Estonia and travel across Europe. So, digital nomads, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, isn’t it about time Estonia was your next destination?

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