Diving at Lake Rummu

Diving at Lake Rummu

PAEKALDA, Rummu alevik, Lääne-Harju vald, Harju maakond


The quarry lake of Rummu has crystal-clear water and something exciting at the bottom, which has made it a long-time favourite of divers. At the bottom of the lake, you'll find an underwater museum of sorts. 

There are several buildings and garages at the lake bottom. These used to belong to the prison or were located at the quarry. There are also various machines and mining equipment sitting there. Seeing all of this underwater gives visitors an unforgettable experience.

We organize diving from the landing of the Holiday Centre, as well as a large raft. The diving is done in full diving gear with an experienced instructor. So you dive in and see various sights and the underwater world.

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When coming from Tallinn, take the Haapsaly highway, cross Vasalemma bridge and drive until you reach Munalaskme-Riisipere intersection. Make a left turn, and immediately, a right turn to a gravel road at the first possibility. After a couple of kilometres of gravel road, you will see the Paekalda Holiday Centre that is surrounded by a forest.

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