North Estonia

Elise nursery

Elise Aed is the largest tree nursery in Järva County; it sells perennial flowers, decorative coniferous trees, propagates as well as deciduous trees and bushes. Groups can visit the nursery upon prior arrangement.

Elise Aed provides landscaping consultations and designs and conducts landscaping.

In addition to the nursery in Retla village, Elise Aed has sales points in Türi at 4 Jaama St.
The garden of the nursery, our sales points and online store offer a wide selection of novel garden plants.

We welcome all enthusiasts to browse our garden and plant selection; for example, we have the largest variety of hostas in Estonia.

North Estonia

Opening times

1. may - 1. oct

An advanced bookings only


Rehe, Retla küla, Türi vald, Järva maakond