South Estonia

Elva primeval valley hiking trail and Illi camping area

The Elva primeval valley hiking trail is a 15.5 km long trail located in the Elva landscape protection area with alternating terrain for those who want to hike for several days. On the trail, you will find various forest landscapes, sandstone outcrops, wonderful forest lakes, Viti observation tower, floodplain meadows, trenches, beavers, and the kingdom of ants. There is also a Witch's House and Adventure Trail on the trail.

The primeval valley trail starts and ends at the Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre. The scheme of the hiking trail with camping and campfire sites (including the Illi camping area) can be found HERE. The black or yellow numbers on the track indicate the kilometers travelled.

Please respect the nature while you're here!


South Estonia

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Elva metskond 87, Uderna küla, Elva vald, Tartu maakond