South Estonia

Endla Nature Reserve and centre at Tooma

The nature reserve of 10,161 hectares was formed to preserve the karsts of the southern slope of Pandivere Highlands and the bogs and bogs islands characteristic of the central and eastern part of Estonia.

The nature reserve centre is located in Tooma village in Jõgevamaa. To visit the centre, please book a time.

Endla Nature Reserve also includes marked hiking trails, which provide the opportunity to get to know the forests, wooded meadows, and bogs, observe birds, and learn about the local plants. The tracks overlap to a certain extent and visitors can choose a track of their abilities:

Lake Endla trail – 8 km.
Lake Männikjärv trail – 2.2 km.
Lake Männikjärv bog study trail – 7.3 km.


South Estonia

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Talli, Tooma küla, Jõgeva vald, Jõgeva maakond