Estonian fish cutlet with cucumber salad and boiled potatoesSource: Johannes Hoimoja

Estonian food — savor the stories as much as the flavors

In Estonia, fine dining can last a day, and fast food comes as fast as it grows.

Estonia slowly simmers with a blend of culinary styles and stories.

Gastro travelers are enchanted by the unexpected mix of generations-old traditions and up-to-the-minute innovations. This complexity compels visitors to take time to sip, savor, and seek behind-the-scenes knowledge. Our culinary culture inspires obsession in food lovers. It's a culture brimming with heartfelt respect for the cooking crafts of bygone days and a genuine desire to support forward-thinking kitchen creatives. 


The four seasons are the foundation of Estonian cuisine.

The cool, crisp Nordic climate and rich flora and fauna give us natural, high-quality raw ingredients.

"The future of the food revolution in Estonia has only just begun. And if you go and discover it for yourself, you, too, will be part of it.

Mattias Kroon, editor and food writer

Food from the forest

Collecting food from nature starts in the spring, when wild garlic, nettles, young spruce shoots, and more turn the forest into a veritable salad bowl. Then, from the beginning of July to the end of October, the forests teem with mushrooms and berries, and inventive local chefs use them in their restaurants to give their dishes a seasonal touch. 

A highlight of any visit to Estonia from spring to autumn is a tour of the forests, accompanied by an expert guide who will know the best foraging spots and share tips on identifying the best forest foods. 

Foraging for mushrooms in West Estonia during the autumn

Source: Karl Ander Adami

Fine dining outdoors

Treat yourself to a culinary experience in nature or learn to cook over an open campfire.

There is no clock-watching when indulging your passion for dining and drinking.

A leisurely eleven-course Nordic menu can take half a day to devour. Zero-waste dining experiences sprout from a farmer’s mindset. Hours can slip away while scouring the forest floor for the yellow caps of chanterelle mushrooms. A secret restaurant reached only by canoeing down a river is an experience worth waiting for. 

Leisurely lunch at Cafe Fellin in Viljandi

Source: Näljane Nelik

What are your interests?

Expansive nature and immersive culture are mere moments apart, so no matter how long you stay with us, Estonia will stay with you forever.

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