COVID-19 update

Detailed information on countries, self-isolation and testing requirements for passengers can be read from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Five facts for trip organisers about travelling to Estonia

1. It is safe in Estonia.

The government has established requirements on which the Health Board's guidelines for various companies providing tourism services are based. The most important among these is a requirement for people to disperse, i.e. to keep safe reasonable distance to each other when and where possible - in all public spaces, such as stores, service facilities as well as public indoor and outdoor venues. Dispersion must also be ensured at all public events. Reception and cashier desks are often equipped with physical protection screens.

2. Whether to wear a mask depends on the risk assessment of the person.

It is not obligatory to wear masks in Estonia. However, the Health Board recommends wearing a mask indoors and for the visitor, who due to his/her age or general health status might be at a higher risk of infection. Masks are sold in every pharmacy and there is sufficient stock. Some bus and/or flight operators may require the passengers to wear masks (or scarves in some cases) on international routes while onboard, but this is not mandatory when travelling in public transportation on Estonian territory. 

3. Medical care in Estonia is available and professional.

During the virus spreading period, medical care in Estonia has been effectively organized, and the capacity of hospitals or their ICUs has never been exceeded. Today, both the treatment of those infected with the virus and the usual scheduled patients are working as planned.

4. You can come to Estonia with a group, but...

There is no specific ban on travelling for groups. However, restrictions on the consumption of services must be taken into account, the main requirement being the dispersion rule in public places. Therefore in some cases, there can be restrictions on the number of simultaneous visitors in tourist attractions.

5. Estonian tourism companies are hospitable.

Restaurants, museums, spas and attractions are open and welcoming visitors, with precaution methods and processes in place - to ensure, that people are and feel safe.

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