UNESCO Heritage Listed Kihnu Island, Pärnu spa-town and Soomaa wetland

1 or 2 nights

If you decide to go South-West from Tallinn, we suggest a bog – needless to say, UNESCO listed island famous for its sturdy ladies (see reference to articles below) and a real treat for hedonists – spa-town Pärnu with a stay at a spa-hotel Hedon.

This example program can of course be modified according to your interests, time limit and fitness level. You can add or remove attractions according to your taste. Also, you can alternate means of transportation, i.e simply rent a car or take a local bus.


Depart in the morning (2h drive max) towards Soomaa – literally The Swamp Land .

Soomaa boasts giant bogs surrounded by forests, both wide and narrow rivers, diverse flood-meadows and flower-filled wooded meadows, where one can enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. Visitors might know Soomaa best for its great flood or the so-called fifth season, when the water from melted snow or heavy rains floods all the roads and leaves canoes as the only viable vehicle. In the autumn, be sure to walk Hüpassaare Study Trail or explore the primeval forest on the Kuuraniidu boardwalk.

After a hike – you can choose between different difficulty levels and lengths, head to Tori Cider and Wine Farm and visit to a truly Nordic vineyard for lunch and wine-cider tasting. 
Around 15.30 arrive to Pärnu, the unofficially nominated summer capital of Estonia with charming wooden architecture, soft sand beaches and relaxed vibe. 
Accommodation for a night or two at Hedon Spa Hotel. If interested in spa treatments, make sure to book ahead! 
Should you be interested in a guided tour of this old Hanseatic city – local tour office can help out with a guide.


After breakfast transfer to ferry terminal and short 1h ferry ride to UNESCO listed Kihnu island.

The island is home to a close-knit community of about 700 inhabitants, who value old traditions, the language and songs of Kihnu. Singing and dancing are integral parts of life for the locals.Throughout centuries, the men of Kihnu have spent most of their time at sea, while the women have become keepers and carriers of cultural heritage, which includes handicrafts, dances, games and music of the island. To this day, you can see the women of Kihnu riding motorbikes wearing Kihnu homespun striped skirts (a kört in Estonian).

To get as much as possible from Kihnu between the two ferries, we would suggest the following:
…and yes, you are bound with the ferry schedule. There are a few home accommodations and hostels on the islands, if you miss the ferry, though.

9.30 Arrival in Kihnu. Transfer in a truck to the Kihnu museum

10.00 Visit of the Kihnu museum

11.00 Kihnu church

12.00 Kihnu Lighthouse

12.30 Lunch at the farm house Metsamaa

13.30 Visit of the typical house of the island Kihnu, drive a motorcycle as a local

14.30 Folk music concert on the island Kihnu

16.15 Ferry back to Pärnu

Drive from Pärnu to Tallinn is an hour and half. So you can decide, whether to stay and be a hedonist for another night or head back to the capital.