Island life the #EstonianWay

with celebrity chef & TV food presenter

Alexei Zimin

Island life the #EstonianWay

  •   Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Estonian coastal traditions stretch far into the distant reaches of local history. The renowned Russian chef and foodie Alexei Zimin explores the art of slow living. To source the most sought after local dish, Alexei takes a fishing trip with the local fishermen to prepare a scrumptious dinner on the peaceful Estonian island of Viirelaid.

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About Alexei Zimin

Alexei has his hand in many pies: he is the owner of restaurant ZIMA in London (UK), editor-in-chief of Russia’s culinary magazine “Eda”, culinary TV host and a chef who combines Russian flavours with notes of European and Asian cuisines.