Going to the sauna the #EstonianWay

with YouTuber & BMX rider

Anthony Panza

Going to the sauna the #EstonianWay

  • Going to the sauna the #EstonianWay   Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Source: Liina Notta, Visit Estonia

Source: Alari Teede, Visit Estonia

Estonian smoke sauna is listed by UNESCO as an item of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Compared to typical saunas, smoke saunas are chimneyless and heated by trapping the smoke from a wood-fire for hours. Before entering, the smoke is released, and temperatures reach up to 100 degrees Celsius. To get the full sauna experience, Anthony fearlessly jumped into a frozen lake and was whipped with a bundle leaves known as a whisk. Sweating in a soot-covered chamber, submerging in freezing water, and getting beaten probably sound like torture to most people. For Estonians, these are the ingredients for a relaxing Saturday night.

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Day one

Anthony visited a dairy factory and learned to make the popular Estonian cheesecake ‘kohuke’, before trying smoke sauna and spending the night at the rustic Toosikannu holiday centre.

Tallinn Old Town

Estonian Dairy Museum

Toosikannu Holiday Centre

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Day two

The next day, the crew rode ATVs through the wintery forest of Central Estonia and explored Rummu prison and quarry on off-road fat bikes.

Toosikannu ATV tours

Rummu quarry fatbike hike

Rummu quarry

About Anthony Panza

Professional BMX rider and YouTuber Anthony Panza came all the way from New York to attend Simple Session, a world-class BMX and skateboarding competition. Before the games began, Anthony and his fellow BMX riders Austin Augie and Billy Perry went on another kind of adventure to Central Estonia. There, he tried an Estonian ritual that got his heart pumping more than his gravity-defying stunts.

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