Partying the #EstonianWay

with a heavy metal band

Battle Beast

Partying the #EstonianWay

  • Partying the #EstonianWay   Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Just a ferry ride away, Tallinn is a popular weekend destination for visitors from neighbouring Helsinki. Restaurants full of innovative flavours, bars where delectable drinks are flowing and nightclubs where music is buzzing await party-goers. There’s an experience for every taste. But the members of Finnish heavy metal band Battle Beast didn’t come to Tallinn for contemporary nightlife. They came to party like it’s the year 1518 in Reval. They came to party the #EstonianWay.

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You can recreate Battle Beast’s evening in Tallinn’s Old Town by visiting the historical Hopner House. Reserve one of the many rooms for your own night of dining, dancing, music and sword fighting. You can even rent medieval costumes to complete the experience!

Tallinn Old Town

Hopner House

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About Battle Beast

After winning the Wacken Metal Battle 2010, their hits went on to top radio charts across Europe and they’ve toured with globally known sensations such as Nightwish.

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