Relaxing the #EstonianWay

with cross-country skier

Frode Estil

Relaxing the #EstonianWay

  • Relaxing the #EstonianWay   Source: Sander Allikmäe, Visit Estonia

Source: Ingmar Muusikus, Visit Estonia

Source: Ingmar Muusikus, Visit Estonia

In Estonia, going to the countryside for the weekend is a near-sacred ritual. Norwegian cross-country skier Frode Estil came to experience Estonian nature for himself. Sauna, observing wildlife, a bog hike with rustic foods cooked over a fire and skiing were the perfect ingredients for relaxing the #EstonianWay.

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Albu Manor

Kodru bog

Valgehobusemäe Skiing Centre

Jäägri Villa

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About Frode

Frode Estil is a highly-accomplished cross-country skier from Norway. He has won gold in both the Olympics and World Championships. Frode loves being active and spending time in nature.

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