Island hopping the #EstonianWay with Hugo Décrypte

Noarootsi ice road

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Photo: Juhani Särglep, Visit Estonia

Island hopping the #EstonianWay with Hugo Décrypte

Meet Hugo or also known as „HugoDécrypte" on YouTube. A French YouTuber talking and discussing the news. Hugo is a student and entrepreneur, fighting to make news and politics more accessible for young people. For the year of 2018 he has taken up some travelling as a part of his world tour. He is visiting over 10 countries to meet different change makers, due to which he believes that Estonia is on the top of the list.

On the free time he enjoys going to the concerts, and especially festivals. That because it gives him an opportunity to easily make new friends and discover new artists. He found the Winter Grind especially fascinating, as one of his favorite music genre is EDM. Hugo believes that his greatest accomplishment so far is his 2018 world tour. Even though he believes that producing one report a week in the frames of this tour is a lot of work, it still has given him so much and changed him in a positive way.

Main highlight of the trip in Estonia was driving on the ice, especially because it gave him an amazing sensation. Apart from this, the previously mentioned Winter Grind was found to be unforgettable. Last but not least, the great food in Estonia is definitely a factor that he believes will make him return to Estonia in the future.

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