Ice hockey the #EstonianWay

with Hockey legend

Jari Kurri

Ice hockey the #EstonianWay

  • Ice hockey the #EstonianWay   Source: Rasmus Puksmann, Visit Estonia

Source: Liis Reiman, Visit Estonia

Source: Liis Reiman, Visit Estonia

Even world-famous hockey legends deserve a break. Jari popped over from his day job at the Jokerit hockey team in Helsinki to try his hand at a hockey-inspired board game. Estonian-made WildEst promises to get you more pumped than a case of Red Bull. The famous Finn shows that you do not have to be wearing a pair of skates to enjoy #EstonianWay of ice hockey, but it definitely puts a fun twist on it.

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Tondiraba Ice Hall

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Rocca al Mare Shopping Centre

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About Jari Kurri

Jari Kurri’s accolades include an induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame and being named the 100 Greatest NHL Players in history. After a thriving 30-year career, he is now the general manager at Jokerit.

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