Swimming the #EstonianWay

with journalist

Jon Cardwell

Swimming the #EstonianWay

  • Swimming the #EstonianWay   Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Source: Sergei Zjuganov, Visit Estonia

Most people enjoy a dip into a warm pool or blue waters while on holiday. But what kind of maniacs voluntarily swim in near-freezing waters? Winter swimming is a sport practiced in Estonia by brave souls to get their blood and adrenaline pumping. Journalist Jon Cardwell came to try swimming the #EstonianWay at the Winter Swimming World Championships in Tallinn.

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Participants of the 2018 Winter Swimming World Championships, held in the Tallinn Harbour, competed in several categories, all of which involved plunging into freezing water. Afterwards, a portable ‘banya’ sauna was waiting to thaw swimmers.

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About Jon Cardwell

Jon Cardwell is a journalist from London. It was not his first time attending the Winter Swimming World Championships. The strange sport first grabbed his attention back in 2014 when he travelled to Rovaniemi, Finland to capture portraits of the steel-nerved participants.

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