Living the #EstonianWay

with TV journalist

Kristine Virsnīte

Living the #EstonianWay

  •   Source: Ott-Erik Endra, Visit Estonia

Source: Ott-Erik Eendra, Visit Estonia

Source: Ott-Erik Eendra, Visit Estonia

Can Tartu wow an avid traveller who’s used to spending her holidays in places like Tuscany, Israel and Morocco? The first stop, and probably the oddest sight in Tartu, was the Upside Down House. An entire house, complete with furnishings, has been stood on its roof. Houseguests walk on the ceiling, creating some wacky illusions perfect for Instagram photos. Besides the topsy-turvy whimsy of the Upside Down House, Kristine considered the Estonian National Museum a highlight and “something mind-blowing, really”. Amelija gave her seal of approval to the interactive exhibitions at AHHAA Science Centre and the swimming pools at V Spa. Though Kristine has been a fan of Tallinn for years, this trip to Estonia’s culture capital won’t be her last: “I will be back in Tartu when the summer kicks in for sure”.

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Day one

The girls’ first stop was the Upside Down House (Tagurpidimaja in Estonian). Next, they visited the Estonian National Museum to see how Estonians have lived throughout history. The day wrapped up with some relaxation at V Spa and dinner at Restaurant Aparaat at the Aparaarditehas Creative City.

Upside Down House

Estonian National Museum

V Spa & Conference Hotel

Aparaaditehas Creative City

Restaurant Aparaat

Ah! See, the shoes are upside down! Oh wow, this is cool! This really is the Estonian way of living.

Kristine Virsnīte

TV journalist

Day two

The day began with an exciting pyrotechnic show at AHHAA Science Centre, followed by lunch at Restaurant Polpo, housed in a building dating back to the 16th century.

AHHAA Science Centre

Restaurant Polpo

Tartu Town Hall Square

We don’t want a loud explosion, but we’ll try to make a beautiful explosion.


Science Centre

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About Kristine Virsnīte

TV journalist and blogger Kristine Virsnite came to the country’s second largest city to get a taste of the #EstonianWay of living. The mom of two from Riga, Latvia is instilling a love of adventure in her kids. She documents her family travels and much more on her lifestyle and travel blog Wandering ever after.

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