Sauna the #EstonianWay

with Iltalehti journalist

Marianne Zitting

Sauna the #EstonianWay

  • Sauna the #EstonianWay   Source: Andri Peetso, Visit Estonia

Source: Andri Peetso, Visit Estonia

Source: Andri Peetso, Visit Estonia

Northeastern Estonia is an off-the-beaten-path travel destination full of wonders. Marianne Zitting, journalist at one of Finland’s largest newspapers Iltalehti, came to discover the region for herself. Two action packed days were spent investigating history, food, nature and culture.

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Day one

After a short drive from Tallinn, stop for lunch and a beer at Purtse Castle and Brewery. Continue to nearby Saka Manor to spend the night or explore the sea cliffs. In the evening, trying peat sauna and many other varieties at Lammasmäe Holiday Centre.

Purtse Fortress Residence

Purtse castle café

Saka manor

Lammasmäe Holiday Centre

Meresuu Spa & Hotel

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Day two

Start the day with a honey massage at Meresuu Spa Hotel before heading to the Cultural Centre and Oil Shale Museum in Sillamäe. Take a stroll around the quaint Toila harbour and once you work up an appetite, attend a barley bread baking workshop at Mäetaguse Manor Hotel & Spa.


Sillamäe Cultural Centre

Sillamäe museum

Restaurant Franzia

Toila SPA Hotel

Oru Park in Toila

Mäetaguse Manor

About Marianne Zitting

Marianne is a self-proclaimed history buff and literature addict who writes about health and wellness topics, among other things.

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