Ritual the #EstonianWay

with freelance journalist

Todd Pitock

Ritual the #EstonianWay

  •   Source: Ott-Erik Eendra, Visit Estonia

Source: Ott-Erik Eendra, Visit Estonia

Whether you seek to cleanse your body or spirit, in Southern Estonia, stepping into a soot-coated sauna may be the answer. Võrumaa smoke sauna is one of Estonia’s four traditions on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Follow an American journalist and a traditional smoke sauna healer into this holy space to experience a ritual the #EstonianWay.

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Sauna session in a traditional Old Võromaa smoke sauna at Mooska

"I felt through the experience of smoke and the heat and the icy water that I was shifting into different physical dimensions."

Todd Pitock


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