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Events in Estonia

From song festivals attracting tens of thousands of spectators to tiny neighborhood cafe days, an interesting event awaits you in Estonia.

Winter, spring, summer, fall — there's always something going on! 

Estonia certainly punches above its weight when it comes to events. Besides hosting the 2024 European Capital of Culture and the 2025 European Capital of Sport, Estonia has large and small concerts, sporting events, festivals, and fairs. 

Thanks to Estonia's compact size, it is possible to do it all — go run a cross-country race in the wilds of South Estonia in the morning to a concert in Tallinn in the evening. Of course, we highly recommend you add a few extra days to explore before and after your event; you'll see why when you get here!


In Estonia, there are festivals for fashion and fish, street food and neighborhood celebrations, garlic and lights in the dead of winter.

Top food festivals in Estonia

From festivals dedicated to bread and coffee to home cafes featuring fish from Lake Peipsi, Estonia's food festivals are a great way to eat local.

TOP food festivals in Estonia

Source: Priidu Saart

Music events

Check out concerts held in castle ruins, abandoned factories, and alongside lakes, rivers, and the sea. The venue is as fascinating as the music!

Experience Estonia's Song & Dance Festival

First held in 1869, this massive cultural event has become an important expression of Estonian identity.

Experience Estonia's Song & Dance Festival

Source: Kaarel Mikkin, Toolbox

Sporting events

Amateur or pro, spectator or participant — there are athletic events in Estonia for all ages and abilities and during all seasons of the year.

Tartu’s marathons — the biggest athletic events in Estonia

No sporting events have shaped Estonian culture as much as Tartu’s running, cycling, and skiing marathons.

Tartu’s marathons — the biggest athletic events in Estonia

Source: Adam Illingworth

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