Fresh farmers' markets

Source: Visit Estonia

Fresh farmers' markets

Source: Visit Estonia

As the season rotate, so does the selection of natural foods available at local farmers' markets across Estonia. The distance between farms and the market stalls is small, allowing fresh produce, dairy products, fish, breads, mushrooms, jam and pickles to be sold. For a true Estonian shopping experience, grab your basket and head to the market.
The markets are alive with colour and activity during the summer, where you'll find cartons of strawberries and blackcurrants alongside bottles of kali, homemade rootbeer. As the weather cools, berries are exchanged for wild mushrooms and autumnal orchard apples, plums and pears. Wintertime is all about holiday heartiness and warmth, with special markets serving rich black bread, preserved meats and glögg, hot mulled wine. Emerging from winter, spring brings Baltic herring, meadow greens and birch juice.

Pure and wholesome, starting at the field

In 2015, there were 1,629 organic farms in Estonia, accounting for about 17% of total farmland.

Photo by: Danel Rinaldo

Weekly farmers' markets

In Tallinn, at Nõmme and Keskturg markets, you can find all the fresh ingredients needed to prepare a meal. Here you can brush shoulders with locals and taste free samples from vendors. A trip to the Viimsi Taluturg, in a suburb of Tallinn, can be combined with a visit to the Viimsi Open Air Museum, situated in a complex of 150 year old farmhouses by the sea at the. Tartu has its own market hall as well, where a bronze statue of a grinning pig greets shoppers as they enter the historical building.

Food as a common language 

Farmers' markets are a great way to interact with locals and support the regional economy.

Photo by: Kaarel Mikkin 


September through early October is 'Estonian Food Month' and features all kinds of special events during this rich, harvest time. Check out some of the highlights:

03.09.16 Farmers' market at Viimsi Open Air Museum 
10.09.16 Jam market at Koigi Manor
18.09.16 Bread day and autumn market at Estonian Open Air Museum
24.09.16 Olustvere preserve festival and local food fair in Viljandi county
01.10.16 Türi apple festival

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