The brand story of Estonia

Source: Hans Markus Antson

Come and explore the brand story of Estonia!

Tune in, let loose and get wide eyed – this place is something for the natural nomads, culture scouts and flavour seekers. Embracing purity and taking it slow - only to find yourself in the process.

A place where the social influencers are centuries old, where attitudes merge a Nordic mindset with medieval mystery, where mother Earth is your nearest neighbour, where the kitchen pantry opens a door to the wild, where with so much to see, there's an extra season for it, where the fast food comes as fast as it grows and where fewer crowds lead you to deeper conversations.

It is not that we normally speak in slogans, but they so effortlessly describe the observations that can be made in Estonia.

Brand Manifesto:

Our brand and storytelling strategy

For a more detailed version of the messaging, crafted and created by the brand attitude agency Lantern: