Visit Estonia presentations

Source: Katrin Laurson, Visit Estonia

If You get the chance to introduce Estonia to someone, we have provided some visual help in the form of powerpoint presentations to download! There is a collection in our Toolbox, check it out! One example presentation - to answer the question of 'Why visit Estonia?'

In June 2020, we created a 1-hour TV show format presentation about Estonia, Destination Estonia Onlive, but have a look also at our virtual tour around Estonia, from Dec 2020!

The freshest: a 40min studio presentation from April 29th 2021, Destination Estonia Onlive:

We put together a 2min 'making of' clip about the virtual tour of Dec 2020, have a look here.
And follow the 'behind the scenes' of Destination Estonia Onlive from April 2021, packed in 3min, here.