Visit Estonia video collection

Source: Meelika Lehola, Visit Estonia

Welcome to our moving picture section!

Visit Estonia has its own video channel in Vimeo and Youtube, where you can find clips for different themes to download and to refer to.
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also adds some visual materials - feel free to get inspired, to use and share. If not stated differently, kindly show Visit Estonia as a source.
Here is the shortcut to the basics: Discover Estonia, Not your average bucket list destination and Experience Estonia on Vimeo.

For the upcoming Eurovision, our singer Uku Suviste, who will represent Estonia, introduces his favourite corners of the capital, Tallinn.

The latest videos are following the filming locations of Hollywood action thriller 'Tenet', in Tallinn, activities in Soomaa national park, talking street art in Telliskivi Creative City and showcasing some of the spring flavours: 

Dance the tough times away!

#kaerajaaning - a traditional Estonian folk dance in a new form, created for TikTok.

Music: NOËP Dancers: JJ-Street Dance Company

Follow a roadtrip!

A video  with beautiful imagery by Lucas T. Jahn and Anna Riedel -Jahn, documentary makers and Visit Estonia's collaborators. After travelling over 4,000 km around Estonia, Anna and Lucas share their must-see experiences and destinations in THIS VIDEO.