Visit Estonia representation partners winter meet-up 2022

Source: Tartu


The programme:

Day 1, Dec 12th – Monday
flight arrivals throughout the day and the day before
Visit Estonia will arrange some transfers from the airport to the hotel as the arrival times are very different. We will inform you individually.

18:25 meeting in the hotel lobby for a warm up old town Christmas market walk followed by a dinner in old town, in Peppersack. For dinner, Visit Estonia's media team as well as the whole B2B team will join. 
Overnight in Telegraaf Hotel in Tallinn old town
PS The hotel has a wellness area - bring your swimgear when you are one of the early arrivers with time to spend 😊

Day 2, Dec 13th - Tuesday
Very early start!
Telegraaf hotel opens their breakfast already from 06:30, specially for you! There will be smaller brekkie packages also to go, but if you want to enjoy it in the hotel already, you're welcome!
07:15 bus transfer to train station - please gather in the hotel lobby, checked out
07:45 train heading to South-Estonia - our crew will be divided between two carriages;
10:28 arrival to the station named Palupera, 7km from our winter capital Otepää;
11:00 snowtubing in Otepää - hope everyone's ready for some wintery outdoor action!
12:15 lunch in Otepää's GMP Hotel
14:15 drive to Kivitalu Country Hotel - a guesthouse with a rock music angle and an owner who's a legend in Estonia's music scene.
He will greet us the morning after.
The accommodation is arranged in the main building plus in some small simple cottages dotted around the large premises. We had to divide you into rooms so that some of you need to share it with one colleauge, some people we managed to provide a single room. Info on the spot.
15:30 after settling in, we start with the info exchange - for this we give each country / agency 10min to talk about the main points: one project that went really well (a success story), one activity that wasn't exactly a triumph plus also a little peak into the future - your market's behaviour and what Estonia could focus on in marketing in 2023. No powerpoint slides needed!
17:45 the seminar ends, for the brave we will arrange ice swimming in the pond (Visit Estonia shows example!). In case you want to take part, please take along a beanie hat and possibly some rubber swimming shoes (and swimsuit)😊
After that, some free time to rest a bit
19:30 dinner
20:00 Secret Santa gift time. We kindly ask you to bring one little item of your country (edible or not) per person, so we can shuffle it!
For the evening we have also a little surprise for you!

Day 3, Dec 14th - Wednesday
10:00 breakfast and the host of Kivitalu Hotel greets us
11:00 checked out, 1h drive to Tartu - a programme in our Culture Capital of Europe for 2024.
12.00-13.30 guided tour in Estonian National Museum 
14.00 lunch in local restaurant Vilde and Vine
15.15 meeting with Tartu 2024 Culture Capital team
16.30-17.30 chance to show off your skating skills at the Tartu Town Hall Square ice-skating rink
On the way from Tartu to Tallinn, 19:00 dinner in Põhjaka Manor - Green Star of Michelin.
Back in Tallinn at around 23:00.
Overnight in Nordic Hotel Forum in the city centre
PS The hotel has a wellness area - bring your swimgear!

Day 4, Dec 15th - Thursday

10:00 gathering in the hotel lobby
10:15 Põhjala TAP room - tasting of Estonian craft beer
11:15 Shishi Christmas deco store - right next door
12:00 end of the Estonia programme, individual departures  

PS The organiser reserves the right to make minor changes to the programme.

PPS This time it looks like there will be 26 agency guests from 11 countries - we're so happy to welcome you all!

Your contacts:

Here's a little useful contacts' list, some of whom you met, some you might need in the future:

Hotel Telegraaf
Sven Rannik (sales and reservations coordinator)

Kivitalu Country Hotel
the owner: Jüri Makarov

Nordic Hotel Forum
Kersti Vaino

Estonian National Museum in Tartu 

Visit Tartu (head of marketing)

Tartu 2024
Marika Goldman 

Põhjala TAP Room
Marika Kesler 

Taivo Piller (often in US); Egert - office manager