Interactive tourism statistics

Source: Renee Altrov

Estonian tourism data dashboard

We have divided the dashboard into three parts – accommodation data, employment and economic indicators of tourism companies and tourism services in the balance of payments.

  1. You can view the monthly and yearly accommodation statistics published by Statistics Estonia. Use the drop-down filters to see arrivals or overnights by country of residence and by destination region.
  2. The second section shows various employment and financial indicators of the tourism sector (accommodation, food service and travel companies). Data on employment, sales revenue and taxes paid have been collected by Statistics Estonia and the Tax and Customs Board. The employment section also shows a comparison with other sectors.
  3. Section International tourism in the balance of payments shows the data published by Eesti Pank (the central bank of Estonia). The section shows data on tourism receipts and tourism expenditure in the balance of payments as well as mobile positioning data on people travelling to Estonia, which is used as the basis for calculating the balance of payments.

Accommodation statistics are published about 37 days after the reference month, other statistics about 2.5 months after the reference quarter. The data that are only available on a yearly basis can be viewed on the dashboards of the previous years.

We suggest using the dashboard on your computer (rather than a mobile phone) for the best user experience. Please also be patient while the dashboard loads the data.