North Estonia

Guided bus tour "Paldiski, the secret town"

Have you heard the story about a secret town, that did not even exist on the map during the Soviet time?

The military history of Paldiski started a couple of centuries earlier. The town was once known under the name Ragerwick and it was a place for Peter the Great's ambitious plans. A magnificent military harbour and pier were planned to be constructed here. What happened to these grandiose plans will be clarified during the tour.

A hike from the Muula hills to the Pakri lighthouse is a part of the tour, where we can enjoy a view to the sea and the cliffs. We will dine at the Tavern Peetri Toll.

It is possible to come to the tour by train, but then it will be a 15-20 km journey.


North Estonia

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A. Adamsoni tn 3, Paldiski linn, Lääne-Harju vald, Harju maakond