North Estonia

Guided scooter trips around Kõrvemaa, Jäneda, and Aegviidu

The scooter is the perfect means of transport for enjoying the outdoors, regardless of age, and anyone will be able to cope well on any terrain. It is as if the varying landscape of Kõrvemaa and its hiking and forest trails were made for scooter rides. You can have a picnic in the rest stops and at campfire sites along the route, feast on forest berries, and even have a fry-up of fresh mushrooms if you are lucky.

Duration of the trip: 2–3 hours or 6–9 km (as chosen by the customer). Children still too young for a scooter can bring their own bicycle. 

We organise scooter trips all over Estonia. The minimum fee for a group of up to 10 people is 300 euros, the fee for each additional person is 26 euros.


North Estonia

Opening times

1. april - 31. oct

Advanced booking only


Nelijärve tn 4/1, Aegviidu alev, Anija vald, Harju maakond