West Estonia

Guided tour in Silma Nature Reserve

We will hike on the area of a former channel, which arose from the sea 200–300 years ago. We will discover the coastal meadows, reeds, and bays on the nature reserve. From the observation tower, we will look for the largest boulder of the area – the stone of Kalevipoeg. We will use binoculars to explore the birds on the bay and the reedbed. Participants will also learn how the local farmers keep the area rich in species.
After the hike, we will explore the Silma Workshop.
Participants must wear wellies for the hike.
The hike, which lasts 2–3 hours, is also suitable for children and elderly people. The price includes a guide, but not transportation.


West Estonia

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Keskuse, Saunja küla, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond