South Estonia

Guided tour of Alatskivi hiking trail and castle

The guide tour consists of two parts: a walk on the Alatskivi hiking trail and a visit to Alatskivi Castle. It is also possible to enjoy Ivan Chai or willow-herb tea or taste local wine upon reservation.
On the hiking trail, we will enjoy nature and talk about the life of Alatskivi Manor in the 19th century. We will also see the place where Kalevipoeg threw stones to protect his horse from wolves, and where his bed is.
During the tour of the restored castle, I will introduce the von Nolcken family and their life there. On the first floor of the castle, we will talk about the life and work of Eduard Tubin.
Come and enjoy nature and culture with me!

South Estonia

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Lossi tn 6, Alatskivi alevik, Peipsiääre vald, Tartu maakond