Haeska birdwatching tower

Haeska birdwatching tower

TUULIKU, Haeska küla, Haapsalu


The Haeska birdwatching tower on the north shore of Matsalu Bay is the best one in Europe – the coastal meadows and shallow bay are a popular spot among migratory birds.
Many species have been recorded in the vicinity of the Haeska birdwatching tower and Finnish birdwatchers have also set a European record – 128 different bird species were seen from the tower in one day. The birdwatching tower and recreation area are situated on a private land and therefore staying on this object is allowed from sunrise to sunset.

Times and prices

Open all year round

Is open every day: 05:00 - 21:00

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Getting there

On the Laikküla–Haapsalu highway, about 15 km before Haapsalu, there is a sign pointing towards Haeska. The beach and the birdwatching tower are at the end of the road by the sea.


  • Signposted
  • On foot only


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