South Estonia

Harimägi and Harimäe Observation Tower

Harimägi is one of the largest mesas in the Otepää Uplands (211 m above sea level). It is worth coming to Harimäe whenever you are near Otepää.

The Harimäe Observation Tower is located 3 km from Kääriku in the direction of Sangaste. The height of the tower is 28 m, and the highest viewing platform is 24 m high. The tower offers views of the Otepää mountains and across the Väike Emajõgi valley to the Karula upland.

Camping is also allowed at the tower.

Good to know: Harimägi is also called 'Leenard and Leonhard's hill.' From 1816 to 1819, geodetic surveys were carried out here by the internationally recognised astronomer and surveyor Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struwe (1793–1864).


South Estonia

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Aakre metskond 69, Mäeküla, Otepää vald, Valga maakond