High water adventures on Peetri River

High water adventures on Peetri River

Karisöödi küla, Rõuge vald, Võru maakond


Come and explore the Peetri River landscape protection area - in a canoe!

This trip begins close to the Latvian border and lasts as long as you want it to. For the first few kilometres the river flows along a limestone bed and is bordered in places by impressive bluffs. The current can be quite strong here and there, but if you handle your canoe properly you shouldn't end up in the water! In the second half of the journey the limestone bluffs are replaced by those made of sandstone and the current calms down somewhat. We may come across trees and other plants that have fallen into the river and which need to be navigated around.

Your trip can then be continued on Mustjõe River, which in turns flows into the Koiva River. High water is common in spring and autumn and during periods of heavy rain.

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