Hike for discovering the cultural heritage of the Kurese ancient landscape

Kurese küla, Lääneranna vald, Pärnu maakond


We will see the legendary abandoned Kurese nucleated village with an irregular street pattern surrounded by stone fences. Such an abandoned settlement type is rare in both Estonia as well as entire Europe. This place offers picturesque views in all directions. We will also visit the site of the ancient settlement of Pakamäe, Kurese fortress with a circular rampart and sacred stones and springs.

During the hike, we will talk about nature, local legends, life in the old Kurese village, Estonian pre-history, mythology and traditions. We will also have tea and buns.

The hike is 6 km long and lasts for about 5–8 hours.

For an extra fee, you can have a meal and a sauna after the hike. Further information about the hike is available HERE.

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Is open advance bookings only


Is open advance bookings only

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