North Estonia

Hikes at Linnumäe Nature Farm

If you like to lead a healthy life and enjoy nature and refreshing water, we can offer you the best recreation options.

We offer you guided hikes in the Ohepalu bog. After a day in nature, you can enjoy a relaxing sauna.

In the summer, you can spend the night in a tent or a barn and sleep on hay. Our Õnnela Quest House, however, is open all year round.

Good to know: Linnumäe Nature Farm is a cotter's hut located on the edge of the Ohepalu bog. Eight generations have lived there and there is still no electricity. The hut is the starting point of the hikes and a perfect location for a sauna.

North Estonia

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Linnumäe, Ohepalu küla, Kadrina vald, Lääne-Viru maakond